Diets That Work: How to Lose 5 lbs Every 7 Days


Diets That Work...

Hello, I'm Karin. Are you constantly struggling to lose weight? Have you been let down by some of the biggest and best known brands of diets?

Well, you are not alone and the purpose of this website is to show you diets that work so that you can experience the health, energy and perfect body that you deserve!

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3 Proven Weight Loss Diets That Work...

Are you looking to lose weight? If so, then you will need a solid diet plan that actually delivers the weight loss you desire. In short, you need diets that work. Does such a creature exist? Yes, and here are 3 top diets that will help you drop the pounds.

The Zone Diet: This is a diet that has become quite popular in recent years. It is certainly one of the diets that work and it's also relatively easy to get the proverbial hang of. Basically, The Zone Diet seeks to deliver healthy food to the body's system. If it is not good for you, you won't eat it in the Zone Diet. However, there is a hard and fast rule present and it is as follows: The choices of your daily intake of food must be 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates. The fats will not be saturated fats that are bad for you and the carbs will be natural as opposed to processed. Again, with this diet you will always be eating healthy which, by its very nature, means a lower calorie consumption per day. That's the Zone diet. So what the second in our review of diets that work?

The Atkin's Diet: Much has been written about this very basic diet that has proven to be popular and unpopular at varying times in "diet history." This food diet first arrived on the scene in the 1970s and was popular for a short time before fading from memory. It returned in the 1990s to enormous support and popularity proving to be one of the diets that work and a very reliable weight loss method. In time, the popularity faded but here is some news: There is much to gain from the Atkin's Diet. At its core, this is a diet that works around the notion that carbs can make you fat because they turn to fat easily, and help spike insulin levels which are known to promote fat storage.

The pure form of the diet involves eliminating all carbs in an induction phase so as to force the body to burn fat for energy. However, some simply cut back on carbs from their foods as opposed to limiting them. This will have solid results as well. After all, carbs are loaded with calories, they do turn to fat quickly and they definitely spike insulin levels. So cutting some carbs out of your diet will prove helpful. Okay, moving on. What's the third on the diets that work list?

The Sugar Busters Diet: This is somewhat similar to the Atkin's Diet in the sense that sugars are carbs. However, not all carbs are bad for you. Refined and processed sugars are generally really bad for someone that wants to lose weight as they are loaded with empty calories which pack on fat. With this particular diet, you will be looking at the grams of sugar in various food items. If that gram count of the sugar is way up there, then you are to stop eating it, to make this one of the diets that work. Yes, most of us love our sugary foods. But such foods are notorious for their ability to pack on unwanted fat. Cutting sugar out of your diet will certainly make weight loss a lot easier than most assume.

Now you have 3 great diets that work to choose from!

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The Weight Watchers Solution...

For over 40 years, Weight Watchers have been one of the leaders in helping people to effectively lose weight and live a more healthy and active life. And for good reason – the program works! It's a tried and true method for fast and easy weight loss.

The weight watchers program helps you create a new set of habits around how you eat and exercise that virtually guarantee that you will lose weight you need to and, best of all, enjoy this change process!

Their easy-to-understand Points System is one reason that Weight Watchers fall into the category diets that work. In the weight watchers program, each food is assigned a number of points. And with over 27,000 different kinds of food in their system, you have more than enough great ones to choose from. And all of this makes keeping your daily diet within the appropriate limits for weight loss super easy. As long as you keep within your daily points range, and do some simple exercise every day, you can lose 5 lbs every 7 days, no problem! And remember, there is nothing you can't eat, just as long as you keep within the daily points range. How great is that?

Plus you quickly get a hang of how many points each of your favorite foods are worth and keeping within the daily limit soon becomes like second nature. Another benefit is that if you exercise, you also get extra points rewarded in the Weight Watchers system, that you can use to eat more of whatever favorite food you are currently craving.

Because Weight Watchers has literally four decades of experience helping people achieve all of their weight loss goals, they know what it takes to guide you from where you are now to where you want to be smoothly and effectively.

The start of your path toward the body you desire starts with setting some clear and specific goals. And then breaking those goals down in to smaller "chunks" – goals for the day, weeks and months of your weight loss

Yet the greatest thing about weight watchers is the fantastic support you get! You can get it either from attending group meetings, from participating in weight watchers online forums, by phone or email. This program is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you get from point A to point B as easily and simply as possible

For me this is the pinacle of diets that work, because it got me out of a place where I was extremely overweight, and I'm now at my perfect weight, feeling better than ever before. And I want the same thing to happen to you!

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How The Weight Watchers Point System Works...

A common question that often comes up is, "How does the weight watchers points system really work?" If you're not already a member of the program, it can seem a little confusing. So let's see if can make this a little easier to understand.

When assigning points, Weight watchers look at certain factors. Firstly, they look at service size. Then they look closer at how much fiber does the food have? How much fat? And how many calories is it?

When you join Weight Watchers, you are immediately assigned a sponsor, who is there to coach you through the process and answer any questions you might have. Together with that sponsor you what your specific daily point range should be. This is based on how old you are, if you're a man or a woman, who much you weigh right now, your activity level and so on. It may sound complex right now, but trust me, they help you figure all of this stuff out quickly. You basically just have to answer yes or no to most of the questions. Your daily point range usually lands at somewhere around 18-37 points.

The weight watchers diet is high in fibers such as fruits and vegetables. Because of this you won't feel as hungry as you used to. Instead you'll feel happy and full while giving your body more of nutrition that makes you slim and healthy. That's why this is one of the diets that work. The more fiber and the less fat and calories a food contains, the lower its Weight Watchers Point will be. As an example, apples, light cheese and Hummus all are just 1 point. A McDonalds hamburger on the other hand is about 13 points and a Subway muffin is about 6-10 points.

The more fat and calories, the higher the point or weigh watchers score. Just like when you're on the golf course, you want to keep the number of points you gather low.

To get instant access to all the details and the complete science behind the weight watchers diets that work and their point system for simple and easy weight loss, just do a search in Google, and visit their website. You can get a personally customized plan setup today! Don't put this off any longer. Make this the year you get your health under control and you body in shape!

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Why Trends Are Not Diets That Work...

You hear almost every day about some new fad diet that will help you lose 60 pounds in 7 days. But they never work! And even if they did, your body is not designed to lose that much weight that quickly. This kind of rollercoaster is both unhealthy and unsustainable for your body's health and organs.

The commercial that tries to sell on this want to makes you think that they are diets that work, but they're simply not. What they do is to lower your intake of calories to such an extent that you literally starve the body thinner.

Does this sound like healthy dieting to you? I hope not. Without eating proper meals every day, your body's metabolism will get thrown out of sync and really slow down. This is the opposite of what you want if your goal is to lose weight. Low metabolism, low weight loss. The reason the body does this because it's getting the message that "Food is scarce". And any calories you take in will get stored because the body's job is to keep you from starving. You need to get a minimum of 1200 calories a day. That's a minimum. Anything less than that and you're putting your health at risk.

Another reason that these trend or fad diets aren't diets that work is that you lose muscle tone by using them. Once your body goes into starvation mode, it will start eating away at your muscle instead of fat.Another explanation why these trend diets aren't diets that work is the outrageous claims the make in their advertising. Lose it all without moving a muscle! While it's certainly tempting to fall for this kind of "quick fix propaganda", in truth, it's not something you can count on.

Trend diets are also different from diets that work becuase some of the weight loss is strictly from water weight. What does that mean? Well, if you ask them, the majority of people who go for these trend diets spend majority of their time in the beginning in the bathroom. Losing some of your body's water weight will be visible on the scale, but again that's only a temporary change. It won't last. And to be healthy your body needs you to drink plenty of water each day.

Trend diets aren't diets that work. Period. So don't use them. Instead go for the tried and true methods, like Weight Watchers, that has a proven track record of consistent success! That way you will reach your ideal weight in no time and feel strong, happy and enjoy the whole process. Now, what could be better than that?